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Because I don't have antiban for this version. That means banned
You must have the best anti-ban to use.

I tested, and here's what I know.
Anti-cheat is quite annoying, you should use an extremely good anti-cheat that can work for many ESP versions.
Antiban has many ways you should learn about, on Youtube, Google…

** ^-^ If you were banned then. It will be issued with the device and when you switch accounts it will still be the same.
There are a few ways to find the keyword: spoofer fortnite
OR you uninstall the game or, reset windows pc.

Assured. I will automatically update ESP, when Fortnite updates new.

Final. Thank you for choosing DD Esp Gaming Cheats.

You need to install .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable latest

How to use DD Esp Fortnite Free SOFTAIM:​

After the update is complete
you open and press GO, there is a message to run Fortnite, Leave it and Run Fornnite wait a bit, you will see Menu and F1 to Hide and show it

  • If the menu is not displayed, move it to the desktop or place it on the main drive (Window).
  • If still not showing, Restart PC and try again
  • Currently banned from using VPN or something so as not to get banned
  • Reused source and mods, Currently in development for stability

Good luck

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