PUBG Mobile Skin changer


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Must turn one adb on gameloop settings.


  1. Download and install python.
  2. Run install.bat
  3. Open Start.exe

V2 is more stable, and have less bugs.

  • Xsuits
  • HitEffects
  • KillMessage
  • DeadBoxs
  • All Guns
  • UAZ
  • Dacia
  • CoupeRP
  • Motocycle
  • Helmets and Bagpacks

Hello, a quick message, people asking why its not working etc. etc.

So please read my instructions
1.This skin changer do use libs to change skin not memory patching,
so there's no instant ban, and i've used it without anything, till this day.
2. So many people in my discord asking everything working and skin not showing.

For them please download all resources. Still not working ? Use 32bit gameloop.

Everything working menu not opening ?
For them my answerer is, install all required modules and add python to path.

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If still not working try reinstall python with disable path length limit


Download and install python:

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Download PUBG Mobile Skin changer:​

Download V1 3.0 :

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Download V2 3.0 :

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sorry to say that its complicated to use. I requested you please make a short video for How to use this Tool. I'm very thankful to you.
First of all i'm very thankful. I have some issues no.1 i don't have file i only have start.exe file. No.2 here missing and lib file missing.
Hi, I'm using V2 3.0 , when click on any skin getting below message "Folder not found" at right bottom. attached is the screenshotskin.png
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