Valorant Logitech Macro - No Recoil Script


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Will not get banned for this Valorant Macro.

Tutorial :
Read through script and assign keys to your liking. Any G_PRESSED are for keyboard GKeys. Switch to MOUSE_BUTTON_PRESSED if you want to use mouse Gkeys.

MB_Mode_Switchcycles through all 3 features and blinks Capslock:
1 blink = Mode 1 = Fast Pick
G1-G5 spams agent assigned to key
2 blinks = Mode 2 = Quick Buy
G1-G5 quick buys assigned items
3 blinks = Mode 3 = Adjustable Recoil
G1 = Pull down faster
G2 = Pull down slower
G3 = Reset to original assigned value

MB_Recoil_Toggle = GKey to toggle anti-recoil

MB_Calibrate = GKey to grab (X,Y) coordinates for center of Breach icon or Classic icon. These values are used to calculate every other location.

Fast_Pick= Agents added to this table are automatically assigned to KEYBOARD G1-G5. Swap names with who you want to spam per GKey
Quick_Buy = Each line is assigned to KEYBOARD G1-G5 (or more if you got them)

If any new operators come out, should be able to add them at the name_table at the bottom in alphabetical order (unless they change that).

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